most of the articles in this section were derived from an old book (1928) called "Plotto". some of those articles reflect the attitudes of that time.

To keep the explanations clear I use a hypothetical characters such as Buck. This guy stands for whatever character you want.

for example instead of saying; the main character kills a secondary character.

I will say

Buck kills Sam.

Buck will usually be the acting\deciding character

All characters are highly will see in the original Plotto articles instructions to switch one character for another. But in many cases instructions like this are meant to be there but are missing. When two articles are linked together but don't seem related at first thought imagine switching some characters around. But there are also typos and strange linkings from the original book.

The symbol ":" between two links indicates those two links go together in the context of the page where they are mentioned.

there are * symbols in the Plotto texts, if there is a link that specifies *-** this indicates what part of the article is being referred to. specificaly, the part between the stars. for more information see the article on Plotto.

The "What links here" button in the sidebar is useful in the site's current state. The meaning of many articles will make more sense using the "What links here" button to add context.

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