Buck, staring at a certain object, X, falls under a spell which leads him to believe certain events are transpiring—events that are partly true but mostly grotesquely false 265a 633 1358 1361b 1357 *-**1374 *-**1375 Note: [1]

X is a small image, a strange idol, that has such a strange fascination for Buck that he keeps it always before him on his writing desk; or [[2] X is a mirror. Buck little cloud appears on the face of en old mirror, then disappears, leaving mysterious people and scenes on the glass; or [3] X is a green stone, a beautiful piece of jade,

on which are engraved characters standing for "Bakht," Persian for "good luck'


1357 1374 -*1389a


633 1358 1361b 1357b 1374*-**


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