Buck, an enforcer, and Snidely, his prisoner, are lost in the desert, afoot, without food and with only a small supply of water—not enough for the two of them *

Buck, an enforcer, is old; and Snidely, his prisoner, is young, and there are extenuating circumstances in his case 1309b ch Mary to Snidely 129lb ch Buck to Snidely

747 ch Buck to Snidely **

Buck and Snidely, enforcer and prisoner, are lost in the desert with only a small supply of water between them. They draw lots to see which shall take the water and make his escape. Buck cheats in the drawing so that Snidely may win. Snidely picks up the water canteen and abandons Buck to die ***


712 Exchange Buck & Peter Switch Alfred to Buck

816a Switch Buck to Snidely Switch Dave to Buck

713 Switch Buck to Snidely

918b Exchange Buck & Peter